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August 6, 2012

Top Loader Bait Station

by jteaton

The Top Loader Bait Station is a remarkable device– the success Pest Management Professionals are having with it is truly amazing! The versatility of the Top Loader: small footprint, a myriad of time-saving mounting options, and bait versatility– no other station compares!

We should add that Commercial Account Managers have found the Top Loader ideal because it holds 14 oz of J.T. Eaton Bait Block or 16oz of liquid bait when the water bottle is used–that’s more than any other station available today!

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December 5, 2011

Bait Station Anchoring

by jteaton

Bait Station Anchoring

Recently I was at a restaurant and found a bait station exposed out in the open and I was a bit disappointed. I put it back in its place next to the building and called the company; not to berate them but to remind them that cable anchors would have a been a good choice for this location (since the company I work for makes them).  My words seemed to fall on deaf ears– I’ll never know if they corrected the problem.

The “what ifs” came to mind after hanging up the phone: what if a dog got to the bait?  What if a child picked up the box and bait came out?  What if an Inspector ate here?  What if some teenager started kicking the box around?  The bottom line is: what if a secondary poisoning call was reported– was it worth not securing a bait station?

Insurance claims aren’t cheap and we’re always faced with the risk of litigation.  Doesn’t it make sense to have every bait box secured and to have a standard protocol for anchoring on all bait stations?

Here’s a test for you to consider when it comes to liability: ask a child you know around seven years old to pick up a new bait box with a few rocks in it, I don’t care if it has a rock attached to the station, and move it about 10 feet.  If the child is successful you should think about a better system of anchoring in order to prevent that “unwanted call” of an accidental poisoning.

James Rodriguez

Territory Manager

J.T. Eaton Co., Inc.

(818) 640-4587

May 20, 2011

EPA 50 Foot Rule

by jteaton

With Risk Mitigation protocol descending upon us, changing our baiting application to less than 50 feet away from the structure will be the “new” baiting procedure.
Having an action plan in place to begin the conversion, and being aware of the various trapping stations, can save you money and may fit into your current program to maintain and service your accounts.

Devices to consider for Rats:

Hard Plastic Bait Stations
• J.T. Eaton #903TP Rat Fortress™: Holds 2 mouse glue boards or 2 Jawz™ rat size snap traps (item 410B)

Trapping Stations
• J.T. Eaton #401STS Snap Trap Station: Made of metal and can hold 2 wood snap traps or 2 Jawz™ rat size snap traps

Disposable Stations
• J.T. Eaton #901 Safe-Tee™ Plastic Bait Station: Thin plastic station made to hold a J.T. Eaton #177 glue board and fits a single Jawz™ rat size snap trap.

Increasing the frequency of visits when trapping more than 50 feet away from a structure will increase your cost, so start considering pricing adjustments, and plan on notifying your customers of this change soon.

James Rodriguez
Territory Manager
J.T. Eaton Co., Inc
(818) 640-4587